Visa Medicals

Visa medicals

Emigrating or planning to work abroad? Many countries require a medical check-up as part of their visa process. At the Fleet Street Clinic, we offer a wide range of visa medicals tailored to the requirements of the country.

Why visit Fleet Street Travel Clinic for your visa medical?

With over twenty years’ experience in both corporate and personal health care checks, we are London’s number one choice for visa medicals. We have an experienced and professional team that can help with every step of the process for your medical, and understands exactly what needs to be done to comply with visa requirements.

Our central London location means we are conveniently placed and easy to find. Visa medicals can arranged to suit your convenience – we offer a wide range of appointments from morning to evening.

What does the visa medical involve?

Visa medical requirements vary according to the country you will going to, but each medical typically involves an initial 15 minute consultation with our specially trained nurses, followed by a 30 minute appointment with one of the doctors from our visa medical team. We advise allowing 1 hour for your appointment.

When should I have the visa medical?

As soon as you begin the visa process you should speak with us to arrange your medical. We can accommodate most timescales before you leave and will try to fit the appointment in at your earliest convenience.

How long does it take to get the results for my visa medical?

We will confirm the exact timescale during your appointment. Most lab results will be returned in 3 – 5 days though the process can sometimes be accelerated in an emergency.

How much does a visa medical cost?

For a comprehensive guide to costs and what is included in your visa medical, please contact our reception team at

Please also bring all relevant visa documentation, reports regarding previous and current medical conditions and medications.Please note: you must bring your passport when you attend – we cannot commence the visa medical without it. A passport is the only form of identification that we can accept for this type of medical.

For further information and a consultation with an experienced member of our travel team, email us at or call us on 020 7353 5678.

Other Medical Services:

Our multidisciplinary medical clinic is perfectly placed to meet all of your individual requirements in one convenient location.


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