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Altitude Calculator

Find the altitude of every location on your travel itinerary and create a Profile to show the results in a simple graphic format.

DVT Calculator

Calculate an estimate of your own risk of flight-related Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Jet Lag Calculator

The Jet Lag Calculator can tell you how long it will take you to adjust to your new time zone when you travel – and to adjust back again when you come home.

Business Travel

Travel Health Advice and Vaccinations for your team

Do your Employees Travel for Work?

If your employees travel abroad as a part of their job, there may be occupational health considerations.

Fleet Street Clinic Occupational Health can help. We have been looking after business travellers from more than 20 years. We provide expert advice on travel health, travel vaccinations, pre- and post-deployment medical care, medical kits and supplies, and a vast range of supporting services that draw on the broad experience of our Occupational Health Team.  We have a strong focus on preventing travel-related illness, and providing an open channel of communication for your staff to make sure that any health issues or occupational exposures that arise can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

 Business travel advice and vaccinations

Business Travel Health Advice and Vaccinations

As a specialist Travel Clinic we can provide all the travel vaccinations recommended for the destination of travel. We also stock a full range of antimalarials such as Malarone and Doxycycline, that are suitable for last-minute travel.

Although many people focus on the importance of travel vaccines, our work extends far beyond this. Our travel doctors and travel nurses are experts in their field, and will give advice tailored to the exact circumstances of your travelling employees. We understand different industries and lines of work, and the likely risks, stressors and health issues to which your employees may be exposed. We are also tuned into changing hazards, such as the current Zika virus outbreak which is threatening to spread globally. We also understand destination specific risks and will make sure that your employees are up to speed with the latest advice.

In addition to helping your employees look after their health while they are travelling, we can also provide care while they are away and on their return. Our staff are experts in travel-related infectious and tropical disease risks, and can provide a full screening service. We have the latest high-tech instant testing facilities for travellers’ diarrhoea, enabling full diagnosis (using technology called PCR) – followed by carefully targeted treatment – at a single visit.  This testing method is so sensitive that it only requires tiny samples, that can easily be careered home from abroad. So if your employees become ill while travelling, we can help them definitively without having to wait to come home.

For an in-depth assessment of your employees’ fitness to travel and customised advice to promote their health and well-being while away, we can provide a pre-deployment medical, And we can also provide post-deployment medicals to assess their health upon return.

Frequent Flying

Flying can have an impact on your employees’ health and wellbeing. Frequent business trips, flight anxiety, jet lag  and sleep loss can all contribute to occupational stress or affect your employees’ ability to do their job well. Other hazards include travel-related deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – pre-existing health issues may exacerbate the risk.

We can help – with advice on jet lag management (see our jet lag calculator), practical help and advice on sleep management, anxiety and stress management, and our long experience in looking after and advising frequent flyers and their employers. We are also able to offer in-house seminars on air travel and flying, that can be combined with more subtle messages about health promotion, lifestyle, and risk prevention.

Hostile Environments

We are well known for our work with the news industry, and many of our patients are journalists and war correspondents. We have expert knowledge of health protection for the news industry, and are able to provide protective and emergency equipment, and specialist suppliers suited to your employees’ needs. In addition to a full range of travel kits and medical kits, we can also provide trauma kits, eye protection, hearing protection (and hearing tests), coveralls, and broad choice of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and FFP3 Respirators (facemasks).

Hot climate care

If you are sending your employees to hot countries, we can also help with eye care, sunglasses and sun protection, and practical  information and advice. Too often, re-the employees who are so focused on the main purposes of their assignment that they forget to bring along basic necessities that can help them do the job well.

Being adequately prepared can help prevent many occupational health illnesses associated with working overseas as well as reduce the likelihood of future health problems.

For further information, email us at or call us on 020 7353 5678.

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