Test-to-Release Scheme

Covid-19 rt-PCR testing for International travellers:

Fleet Street Clinic is a Government-approved Test-to-Release provider.

The test to release scheme reduces your mandatory self-isolation period after international travel.

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As we all know, throughout the pandemic the rules and regulations surrounding Covid-19 testing and International travel are regularly changing. The Test to Release programme was introduced to reduce the self-isolation period for travellers arriving in to England.

How does the scheme work?

The Government “test-to-release” scheme is designed to release travellers from post-travel quarantine safely and speedily, 5 days after arrival in to England.

By taking a Covid-19 rt-PCR test at a Government-approved clinic, such as Fleet Street Clinic.

You will be able to reduce your self-isolation period from 10 days to just 5 days, provided that you test negative.

This scheme is open for individuals and corporates.

When can I take the test?

The earliest you can take the test is 5 full days after you left a place not on the travel corridor list.

How quickly can I get my results?

Fleet Street Clinic offers a fast, premium service in Central London with guaranteed same-day results, meaning provided you test negative, your isolation period can be reduced from 10 days to 5 days.

We provide three different Test to Release options:

      • Ultra Rapid PCR swab. Results guaranteed within 5 hours.
      • Same Day PCR Swab. Results guaranteed within 24 hours.
      • Standard PCR swab. Results available within 48 hours.

A negative test result means that you are legally allowed to stop self-isolating. The quicker you get the results, the quicker your self-isolating can stop.

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Please note, certain countries are exempt from the Test to Release scheme and you cannot be released early from self-isolation. You can find out more details about these countries on the Government website.

How do I get tested?

To guarantee accuracy, our Test to Release testing is done at Fleet Street clinic by a healthcare provider. If you would like to book a home visit, we will try to accommodate, there is an additional cost for this service, click here for a quote.


How much does the test cost?

Covid-19 rt-PCR Testing

Ultra Rapid PCR Testing

Same Day PCR Testing

Standard PCR Testing

  • Results guaranteed within 5 hours
  • COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel Certificate
  • rt-PCR taken by a healthcare provider
  • Results guaranteed within 24 hours
  • COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel Certificate
  • rt-PCR taken by a healthcare provider
  • Results guaranteed within 48 hours
  • COVID-19 Fit-for-Travel Certificate
  • rt-PCR taken by a healthcare provider

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Home visits are available by arrangement at an extra cost. Please outline your requirements within your enquiry form, including the post code for an accurate quotation.

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How can I take part in the scheme?

Fleet Street Clinic are fully approved by the Department of Health for “test-to-release” under the Government scheme. Please submit an enquiry form outlining your travel plans and we will be in touch with suitable appointment options. 

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Alternatively, you can call us to discuss your travel plans or email us.


Can I travel to a Coronavirus test centre?

Yes, under the Government’s National Lockdown guidance it states, “You can leave home for a medical reason, including to get a COVID-19 test, for medical appointments and for emergencies.” This includes Covid-19 testing for the test to release scheme.

This statement excludes symptomatic travellers, who should follow the Government’s isolation guidelines.


What if my test is negative?

If you test negative, you can stop self-isolating as soon as you receive a negative test result taken no earlier than Day 5 upon return to England.

The amount of time your isolation is reduced by will depend on which PCR testing option you book:
A Ultra Rapid PCR test will reduce your isolation period to just 5 days.
A Same Day PCR test will reduce your isolation period to just 6 days.
A Standard PCR test will reduce your isolation period to 7 -8 days.

What if my test is positive?

If you test positive for Coronavirus, unfortunately you must continue to self-isolate. Depending on if you have symptoms or not depends on how long for. Please check the Government website and follow the current Covid-19 self-isolation guidelines.


Do I need to self-isolate when returning to England?

Yes, the test to release scheme reduces your isolation time but does not remove it entirely.
You still have to self-isolate from the time you arrive for a minimum of 5 full days. On Day 5 you can do a rt-PCR test and as soon as you have the results, as long as it is a negative result, you can stop isolating.

A Ultra Rapid PCR test at Fleet Street Clinic guarantees results on the same-day, meaning your self-isolation period can end on Day 5 if you have a negative test result.

Can I take part in Test to Release if I live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland?

No, Test to Release is only applicable to people living in England.



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