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Yellow Fever Vaccine Offer

20 Mar 2018

Fleet Street Clinic is offering the Yellow Fever vaccine for a reduced price of £69.50 until the end of March 2018. We are a registered Yellow Fever Centre with over 20 years experience of delivering vaccines.

Yellow fever is a potentially fatal disease spread by mosquitoes. The virus is found in sub-Saharan Africa, South and Central America and the risk to travellers will depend on your destination and exposure to mosquito bites. There is no cure for Yellow Fever, the virus can be fatal in up to 50% of people who have severe symptoms.

Vaccination against Yellow Fever is provided with a single jab,  which is a live vaccine and can be given to infants over 9 months old and adults.

If you are going to an area where there is a risk of the disease, make sure to have an assessment with a travel health expert at Fleet Street Clinic to determine whether you should be vaccinated.


We offer same-day appointments for quick vaccinations and are open until 8 pm Monday – Thursdays. To book your Yellow Fever Vaccine, call us on 0207 353 4455, email or book online now.

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