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Teeth whitening: a brighter smile story

04 Apr 2016

Can a home teeth whitening kit provided by your dentist really make a difference?

We sent Fleet Street Clinic Health Programmes Administrator to investigate.

Day 1

Spring is in the air and I was feeling like having a spring clean! I’ve always longed for whiter teeth, trying countless whitening toothpaste and mouthwashes but without seeing any results. When challenged by the Fleet Street Clinic to trial out their new tooth whitening offer, I couldn’t resist! At a cost of only £195* for a two-week home whitening kit including a consultation with the dentist, would the treatment work? Teeth whitening is notoriously expensive so I wasn’t sure but thought I would give it a go.

I visited the Fleet Street dental clinic for my consultation with dentist Jon. He explained the process and what would happen over the next two weeks. It’s a two week course that would require me to have some moulds made up of my teeth. I would then apply a pea sized amount of whitening gel into each mould every night and go to sleep in them. Sounded simple enough, but would it work?

I was slightly apprehensive at the beginning of my tooth whitening appointment but Jon was very patient and easy-going, making sure he answered all of my questions before we began to make a mould of my teeth. The process took just a few minutes.

The moulds and gel were ready to pick up just a few hours later. One of the moulds actually felt a little uncomfortable, something I mentioned whilst trying them on during collection and Jon managed to fix it straight away. I was told absolutely no coffee or red wine if I want the best results. How would I survive without my morning coffee?!


Day 2

First night with the moulds and I slept like a baby. It felt unusual at first to have them in my mouth at first but they were surprising easy to get used to and I stopped noticing them. I take the moulds out, give them a quick rinse with cold water and brush my teeth not noticing any difference to the colour of my teeth.

Day 3

I found it very hard not having red wine and coffee, but the thought of having lovely white teeth at the end of the experience pulled me through.

Day 4

I started to really notice a difference in colouring which I was surprised. Putting the moulds on became a routine. It was more comfortable sleeping with them in than without!

Day 8

My teeth had become very sensitive so I took Jon’s great suggestion to skip the whitening gel for one night and replace it with sensitive toothpaste. They stopped feeling sensitive straight away and I had no more issues with sensitive teeth.

Day 11

I’m getting compliments from colleagues and friends about how white my teeth are looking! I’m smiling a lot more and feel great.


Day 14

Finished the gel and the two weeks with no problems. Can’t believe how super easy it was! My before and after photos made a huge difference and I can see the huge improvement. My teeth were 7 shades whiter!! I didn’t realise quite how yellow and stained my teeth were until you are able to compare. I love the new shade of white  my teeth are! They look clean, fresh but realistic and not fake at all!

Overall, it was a carefree, painless and amazing value for money. The whitening experience has made me want to smile more, so who can complain about that?

before teeth whiteningAfter tooth whitening

Want to find out more? To book your teeth whitening consultation with either of our wonderful dentists Pilar or Jon, please call us on 020 7353 5678 for an appointment or head to our online appointment request here.

* Pricing is subject to change and this offer expired in 2016.

Ways to get in touch…

Phone: Get in touch: Fleet Street Clinic Travel Specialists Travel Clinic in London

0207 353 5678 ^

^ Lines are open 9:00-17:30, Monday-Friday.





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